quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Drama (between the 'meaningless' and the 'babe')

This is an experience of the thought put as a song like that taken from the Broadway spectacles. The way it must be read is the same as a drama, with lots of enthusiasm. You all need to know that I will not say what was pretended with the idea exposed in this little text below, but the image that it ought to be made is something as an argue between a couple (heterosexual or not) or maybe very good friends. So, as a drama and a spectacle that it is supposed to be, please try to read it in loud voice, singing as a Broadway show, and, most importantly, using two kinds of voices: one very angry and the other just sad. Besides, I let you find out what is the best to be one or another.

– This is just the human nature! All the same, all the same: just as meaningless, meaningless. Comprehend it as nothing, just nothing, meaningless! Just as this little word that you keep saying to me, keep telling me in the corner of my ears: this ‘babe’! Meaningless as that! Don’t keep saying it, don’t you dare to do it; keep it out of your tong, your mouth, your heart! At least, what is heart as just more of nothingness, meaningless word! Words that you need to avoid! Please!

– But just listen to yourself! Feeling so annoying, so uncontrollable! That’s what you are: too self conscious and rational! Keep it off, please, my little sky! Let it flow out! Let it come from the inside-out! This is all you are! Make me feel comfortable and cozy in your arms! That’s what you owe me – forever, forever, forever! You shall always be that ‘babe’ of mine, with or against your will. And don’t dare to say ‘tis meaningless!

– For this I tell you what! “No” is what I think: that’s nothing as kindness and human spirits and life after death! This is human nature to believe in the oblivion, as an obvious pursuit for exaggeration and universality! You are just vanity; vanity you are! Just a little of this desire of fire taken up as the tree of Moses! Keep it off for yourself… That is, there is nothing as infinity! That’s you owning some solitude, some of me! This poor too self conscious ego of myself! And don’t dare say the words again… The word in particular: this ‘babe’ of yours...

– You are really pissing me off. In reality you always were… You and all your negative expressions! Feel free to listen to this ‘babe’ of mine; at least you are still able to listen to it!

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